New dog toy
New dog toy
New dog toy
New dog toy
New dog toy
New dog toy

New dog toy

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A new dog toy that your dog can tear apart over, and over, and over again without actually destroying it.

Product Description

  • A new dog toy with detachable legs, arms, ears and tail.
  • Industrial-strength velcro on limbs provides enough resistance to simulate that of a regularly-stitched toy, and allows your dog to experience the satisfaction of “dismembering their prey” by pulling the limbs off the toy, without actually destroying it.
  • The interactive toy that will provide you and your dog with hours of fun, bonding time, and give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he/she needs to minimize destructive behaviors which result from boredom and lack of exercise.

Key Features

  • Velcro pockets allow limbs to be ripped off by the dog, and re-attached by owner, for hours of continuous play
  • Lined with strong mesh on the inside to provide extra durability and support
  • Triple-stitching allows toys to be pulled, tugged, and dismembered repeatedly
  • Perfect for an interactive game of fetch, or tug
  • Squeaker is secured inside of a special pocket, preventing it from sliding around the toy during play
  • Super soft, high quality plush makes for a great comfort toy, or a cuddle buddy once the play is done